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Tailor-made immersion in French

Oral Language Practice Workshop
Tailor-made immersion in French

One-to-one oral tuition

Individual training is, to us, the best way to meet exactly the student’s language needs and learning pace. The ideal environment and atmosphere provided in this way will soon ensure improvement of conversational ability and constantly enhance motivation. Through our twenty-year experience of foreign language teaching, we have also been convinced that oral practice has to be given priority. Therefore, our purpose is to give our students every possible chance to use the spoken language, and that is what APOL’s native French director and teacher, Catherine Laloi, has been successfully doing since 1996.

Wide-open classroom teaching

Our learning/teaching space is above all aimed at encouraging speaking progress. It will either be conventional, to allow language structure and grammar to be focused on, through oral practice, or become a wide-open space introducing work or non-work situations. We use authentic material such as radio or TV programmes, video documents, and even, if required, "outside the classroom" teaching, through visits or meetings, preparing the student for the linguistic exchanges of everyday life. In between, meals with the teacher, auditory stimulation (see next §) and personalized audio support will provide complementary media to develop communicative skills.

Auditory stimulation

Each language is characterized by specific features such as its range of frequencies, its rhythm, its melody [1] Our neuro-muscular system recognizes those of our mother tongue first. This knowledge shows the efforts required to master a second language. It is possible however, using an electronic stimulator feeding into headphones, to train somebody’s ear to adapt more easily to the characteristics of the language to be learnt. Simultaneously enhancing the active process of listening, as opposed to simple hearing, this technique also reduces inhibitions that often hold back language learning.

We have been using this system successfully for years. It has revealed a very good additional method of concentrated language teaching, as confirmed by its use in schools, universities and language laboratories all over the world.

Presentation of the course

This course is aimed at adult learners such as executives, general managers, directors..., people with a demanding need for communicating in French as well as sound motivation.

A fifty-hour course is set up on 5 days from Monday morning till Friday evening, with 2 or 3 week- courses advised for beginners. The carefully arranged "eight to eight" time-table (10 hours learning, 2 hours break) will keep our student busy all day long. The 10 hours learning consist of :
- 5 1/2 hours of tuition throughout the morning and afternoon.
- 2 hours of auditory stimulation.
- 2 1/2 hours when you will have breakfast, lunch, dinner with the teacher

A preliminary test and interview will have assessed accurately the trainee’s needs. Though rigorously articulated, schedule and programme will be flexible, the student’s learning progress always being of the utmost importance.


[1For example, the comparison between the frequencies used in British English ( 2,000 Hz to 12,000 Hz ) and in French ( 1,000 Hz to 2,000 Hz) is evocative..